Suzuki Violin Lessons in Boise’s East End

with Nathan Sutter


Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.

-Shinichi Suzuki

Familiarize yourself with the Suzuki approach by observing a lesson in my studio.

My two children have been taking violin lesson from Nathan for more than 4 years. Nathan’s skill, experience, and love for music make him an amazing violin teacher. His patience stands out from others and allows my children to keep going when the going gets tough. Nathan’s encouragement and support gives them a surge in confidence not just in their violin skills, but in making them feel good about themselves in general, which is priceless. He takes each lesson personally and seriously, investing his focus and energy on each child and on improving their specific skills. I highly recommend Nathan to anyone wishing to give their children a life time of joy in music!
— B. N.

Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.

Shinichi Suzuki